Looking for vacation homes in Scottsdale, Arizona? Come to HS Homes LLC to find the vacation home for you!

On your next trip to Scottsdale, don’t settle for cramped hotel rooms or crowded resorts. Our well appointed vacation rentals provide guests with the best of all worlds - extra space, privacy and hotel-caliber amenities.

We don’t skimp on quality, either – from high-tech appliances and electronics to well-appointed finishes, our rentals offer the best of the best in the Scottsdale area. Whether you’re traveling with extended family, going on a girls’ getaway or joining the guys for a golf vacation, our rentals are ideal for small or large groups.


All our vacation rentals offer a boutique style experience, and we have extensive knowledge of vacation rentals and hospitality. No more dealing with property managers who don’t even live in the same state! We have the dedication and know-how and to address your issues as soon as they come up.

Because we focus on quality not quantity, you can rest assured that our properties will be in excellent condition for your arrival. We have a stake in them looking good, too! Once you pull open that front door, we don’t want you to have to worry about a thing except enjoying your vacation. Contact us if any issues or questions arise and we’ll act quickly, so you can get back to your vacation.

We know our properties inside and out and want to make sure our guests choose just the right one for their needs. Plain and simple: we want to provide each guest with a quality home in a great area with the number of beds they need and the amenities they want. 

Additionally, we implement our own check systems to communicate directly with cleaning staff, handymen and vendors. Any special requests from tenants push to all team members’ communication devices for optimal response time and collaboration.

Ultimate quality control and team oriented customer service lead to total customer satisfaction!